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Common Questions

  1. If I remove an app from an app group, will it delete it from the devices?

  2. How can I push/install iOS apps silently?

  3. Can I update apps on an iOS device without prompting the user?

  4. Can the Settings app be blocked or hidden?

  5. If I disable the App Store can I still install apps via SimpleMDM?

  6. Device name vs SimpleMDM name - what's the difference?

  7. Do you support Android?

  8. How do I disable location tracking?

  9. How do I change my account / company name?

  10. How can I install an iPod/iPhone app to iPad

  11. How do I update an enterprise iOS app while in Single App lock mode?

  12. How can I disable auto-deployment of the SimpleMDM mobile app?

  13. How does single app lock/mode work? What is autonomous single app mode?

  14. How do I add my existing devices to Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP)?

  15. How can I prevent the SimpleMDM profile from being removed from a device?

  16. Can I upgrade a device to the latest version of iOS?

  17. Why is a device quarantined when it shows no violations?

  18. Why aren't some of my devices installing an app store app?

  19. Why is installed app inventory outdated or incorrect?

  20. Why do I see a blank screen when I scan the enrollment QR code?

  21. Why isn't location tracking working?

  22. Why isn't the "Update iOS" feature working?

  23. Why hasn't my device checked in recently?

  24. Why won't a PPTP VPN account appear on a device?

  25. Why can't I unlock my device with Touch ID anymore?

  26. Can I automatically install an app and enable single app mode at enrollment?

  27. Why does the wallpaper image zoom in after a device is restarted?

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